The Great American Road Trip Goes Green With The East Family
ECD: Kathy Horn
Creative Director: Jessica Colón
Copywriter: Elisa Gomez
Designer: Sarah Baumann
Senior Web Developer: Leslie Crosby
As part of their Get Biofuel initiative, Growth Energy wanted to change consumer behavior at the pump, encouraging the switch from Regular Unleaded to Unleaded 88, a higher blend of biofuel. But with most drivers on autopilot when it comes to fuel purchase, they needed to inspire consumers to make a greener, cleaner choice.
We started by deep-diving into consumer research, which showed us that the millennial mom audience, the largest fuel-purchasing segment, wanted to make greener choices...but only if easy to do. 
We also found that 83% of millennials wanted to take a road trip this year. From those insights, we turned the Great American Road Trip into the Green American Road Trip and launched our campaign with planet-conscious, millennial influencers, The East Family.
5M Combined Social Followers +
1.3M Youtube Subscribers
Partnering with an Olympic gold medalist and millennial mom, Shawn Johnson, her husband, former NFL player, Andrew East, and their two kids allowed us to tap into their followers in an authentic and approachable way.​​​​​​​

Combining nostalgia with the desire to do right by our planet, The East Family took the first Green American Road Trip from Nashville to Dallas. They documented the trip along the way, sharing their greener adventures fueled by Unleaded 88 on social. ​​​​​​​
Our campaign encouraged others to take their own road trip, inspired by Shawn and Andrew’s footage, and driving them to a campaign landing page complete with pre-built road trip routes that featured family-friendly sites and Unleaded 88 stops along the way.
Shawn's Instagram Launch Post Received
With engagement growing, Growth Energy and their Get Biofuel initiative continued to amplify the message of switching to higher blend of biofuel. Highlighting The East Family’s road trip footage, we effectively targeted audiences with a compelling narrative all centered around taking a Green American Road Trip of their own. We also showed them just how easy it is to make a greener choice for their families and the planet when hitting the road.
A Small Change at the Pump Can Lead to a Big Impact for the Planet
The Green American Road Trip launch video played a critical role for the campaign. By showing Shawn and Andrew packing up the car and getting their kids settled and ready, we tapped into the nostalgia of family road trips and making those memories that last a lifetime. 
We established the idea that even for this busy family, making a greener, more sustainable choice at the pump couldn’t be easier, particularly with pre-built road trip routes and Growth Energy’s biofuel finder, which shows all gas stations that carry Unleaded 88 along our (or any) road trip routes.​​​​​​​
In a post-Covid world, our millennial mom audience couldn’t wait to get outside and explore with their families. We gave them plenty to do on our Green American Road Trip itinerary pages, which outlined six different pre-planned routes complete with drive time, recommended family-friendly attractions, eco-friendly tips, and unexpected sites to check out along with Unleaded 88 stops. For those who wanted to plan their own net-new road trip, the itinerary pages served as inspiration to get out on the open road.
Fuel Finder and Trip Planner Help Road Trippers Reduce Emissions
Growth Energy’s existing tool, the Get Biofuel Fuel Finder and Trip Planner, easily lets consumers find Unleaded 88 at participating retailers conveniently located along their desired route. We featured the tool on the campaign website, inviting visitors to make the air a little cleaner with Unleaded 88.
Buckle Up, It's Gonna Be Fun​​​​​​​

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