Oh sweet, it's elisa! (Uh-lee-suh)
The logistics of elisa: graduated from the university of Texas at Austin in may of 2022 with a bachelor's degree in advertising under the Texas creative sequence and has a minor in business. Has 5 years experience in art direction AND COPYWRITING working at the Austin history center, Texas on course, gsd&m, VMLY&R, and freelancing on the side.
The arbitrary of elisa: 23-years-old, mexican-american, gum addict, Shades addict, loves all things fashion and pop culture, recently went to Hawaii and Miami with her friends, babysits the sweetest lil girl named elsie, wants to write a book someday, knows way too much about the nba, WON her 2022 & 2023 MARCH MADNESS BRACKET (THANK YOU KANSAS, THANK YOU UCONN), always jotting down manic ideas, fluent in ESPAÑOL and knowS a LIL french and Yiddish (WEIRDLY GOOD AT YIDDISH WORDLE), RECITES THE ALPHABET BACKWARDS TO FLEX, mountains over the ocean any day, always taking pics of any and everything, and If it's good for the plot, you'll catch her doing it.
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